Rota-equipped Lupo hits PVW June 2014 Cover!

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In recent years we’ve seen a huge increase in VAG motors wanting to run Rota Wheels, and as such we now offer a huge range of styles and fitments for popular models including the Golf and Polo. To give you an idea of just how popular Rota Wheels now are in the VAG scene, check out this month’s Performance VW magazine – featuring a super-cool VW Lupo slammed on 18in Grid Drift wheels! These are a super-aggressive size and fitment but as you can see below, they look fully awesome! Make sure you grab your copy this Thursday or download it online here: Performance VW Magazine


Simple, Clean, Aggressive!

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It’s (almost) impossible not to love the Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R. This was the original ‘Godzilla’, packing a 276bhp twin-turbo RB26 engine and a sophisticated four-wheel-drive system which literally set it worlds apart from its German and Italian rivals! Even 25-years after its launch the R32 GT-R still looks awesome when modified right, as this example below from Hyper Drive in New Zealand demonstrates perfectly sitting on 18in Rota RT5s.


#ThrowbackThursday: Michelle Westby’s Nissan 200SX on

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For this week’s Throwback Thursday, we’re heading back to 2012 to check out Michelle Westby’s Nissan 200sx S14a. Running 17in Rota GTRs this Kuro Black drifter was built in record time thanks to Julian and the team at Garage-D! Check out the full feature below and even more shots over on here:

Nissan 200SX Drift Car S14

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Wednesday Datsun Love

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We love a good Datsun here at Rota, and as you’d expect we’ve got the perfect set of wheels to finish ‘em off! The 17in Rota RBX is a retro-styled wheel available in strong widths and fitments, something models like the 260Z can seriously benefit from.One of our favourite examples belongs to Robin Sluijter – restored to perfection and stanced on our 17x9in RBX wheels it looks nothing short of amazing! What’s more, the RBX is available in 17×8.5in (4×114) ET4, 17x9in (4×114) ET-13 and 17×9.5in (4×114) ET-19 sizes – get your set ordered from here:

1909305_732838190071151_1472873577_o Bugeye Impreza x Rundfahren RM200

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Back in 2013 Rota introduced its Rundfahren range – a set of wheels designed with Euro/VAG models in mind including the hugely-popular Mk4 Golf. But that doesn’t mean these wheels are ONLY suitable for a select few cars, something has proven with their Bugeye Subaru Impreza!

Sitting on 18×9.5in 5×100 RM200s (featuring a machined finish) the Subaru Bugeye looks seriously cool especially for such a wild wheel design. Thanks to the +38 offset and 235/40/18 tyres zero arch work has been required for fitment, allowing the RM200s to tuck within the standard flared arches with ease for a killer stance.

What do you think? It’s definitely one to divide opinions, but we’re loving the Jap/Euro switchup happening right now with VW models running classic designs including the Grid Drift and JDM models like the Impreza on our Euro series of wheels. Let us know what you think over on the Rota facebook page at


Clive King’s Supercharged BMW E30

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Without a doubt one of the coolest classic BMWs we’ve seen in a while, Clive King has absolutely nailed his E30 recently featured over on Serious amounts of work has been put into the bodywork which features 4in wider arches (hand built from steel!) along with wider steel side skirts, stretched M-Tech 2 bumpers and a good ol’ Renault Laguna splitter.

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18in Rundfahren RM200 – new gunmetal finish

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It’s safe to say the ‘Rundfahren’ range of Rota Wheels is definitely causing a stir, and one of our latest designs (specifically designed for Euro cars) is even wilder than the first! The Rundfahren RM200 features a smooth concave centre matched with a classic turbo fan-inspired outer lip for a properly unique look! Sizes available including 18x9in 5×120 (ET40) and 18×9.5in 5×100 (ET23). We’ve just introduced a new gunmetal finish (below) to sit alongside the classic white also available. Check out full details here:


BMW fitment MXR now available

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When it comes to wide, super-cool and affordable wheels no other manufacturer offers quite the same selection as Rota. Over the past few years Rota has continually expanded not just its wheel range but also wheel fitments, catering for Japanese, VW, Ford, Vauxhall and even BMW models. In 2014 Rota is proud to add yet another classic design to the BMW fitment range – the 18in MXR.


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JBL’s Rota-equipped Impreza demo car

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Earlier in the week we popped down to Car Audio & Security to check out the JBL Car Audio Subaru Impreza. It’s been doing the rounds on the show scene for the past couple of years, but in 2014 Parm and the Car Audio & Security team decided to upgrade the suspension to a full Air Lift Performance setup. Keeping the top-quality 4WD handling this 2005 STI can be fully slammed at the push of a button! And let’s be honest, those 18×9.5in Grid Drifts look fully insane sitting millimeters from the arches…


Rota RM100 wins Fast Car magazine ‘All-round Awesomeness Award’

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Back in July 2013 we unveiled one of our most-daring wheel designs ever, the 18in Rundfahren RM100. This Euro-inspired wheel is unlike anything else we’ve ever produced featuring a concave construction, turbofan-style outer fins and even a retro mesh centre section. It’s caused a serious amount of positive discussion over on the Rota Facebook Page, and we’re hugely proud to be awarded the ‘All-round Awesomeness Award’ in this month’s Fast Car magazine!


‘Not only does the RM100 mark their invasion of the Euro market, but it takes everything they know about putting out super-girthy wheels with aggressive offsets on Japanese motors, and applies it to those from the Fatherland’ explains Fast Car editor Jules Truss. ‘This design is one that will go straight into the history books.’ Read more…