The forgotten Mitsubishi?

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When you think of performance Mitsubishis you cant help but think of the Evolution model. But as any Japanese car fan will tell you, the hallowed Evo started its life as the much more subtle Lancer – right up until the latest (and last) Evo X model. Sure it may not have the 300bhp turbocharged engine, but as you can see from the Lancer below they look properly cool on a decent set of wheels (19in Rota Grid Drifts) and a decent amount of lowering. What do you think? Let us know on


INTRODUCING: 18in Rota Rundfahren RM200

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It’s safe to say the ‘Rundfahren’ range of Rota Wheels is definitely causing a stir, and our latest wheel (specifically designed for Euro cars) is even wilder than the first! The Rundfahren RM200 features a smooth concave centre matched with a classic turbo fan-inspired outer lip for a properly unique look! Sizes available including 18x9in 5×120 (ET40) and 18×9.5in 5×100 (ET23) – both are finished in white and as you can see below it looks insane.


Gallery: Mazdas on Rota Wheels

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Ever look at your car and imagine what it’d look like decked on a certain set of rims? Of course you do – It’s one of the downsides of being a petrolhead! If you’re a dab hand at Photoshop you can take this one step further, but to make it easier for everyone else we’ve decided to put together a range of galleries featuring Rota-equipped cars, kicking off with the Mazda! Got an MX5, RX7, MPS or even a Mazda 3? Check out the gallery below provided by Rota Wheels NZ and see what works best on your motor!

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Shark Performance Volvo C30

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Now here’s something you don’t see everyday, a slammed and stanced Volvo c30! Built by Shark Performance in the UK, this super-cool Volvo runs our 18×8.5in ET42 Grid to completely change the overall look.


How? Well believe it or not the Volvo C30 shares a lot of similar parts with the Focus ST, including the 5-cylinder turbocharged engine and 5×108 hubs! With a bit of measuring and the right tyre size, the Ford-fitment 18in Grids bolted up to the Volvo with no issues at all!

RM100-equipped Mk5 Golf hits Fast Car Magazine Cover!

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It’s been a super-exciting July for Rota Wheels! Earlier in the month we launched our brand-new RM100 wheel design – a Euro-themed wheel design build exclusively for VAG/BMW models, something Rota has never done before. This 18in design combines retro-style racing ‘turbofan’ with modern fitments, quality and sized – something we LOVE!


The UK’s first set were fitted to Garage Midnight’s awesome 450bhp Mk5 Golf GTI, and with a fresh 3M Wrap, Thunder Bunny bumpers and MUCH more it’s the perfect cover car for this month’s Fast Car Magazine. Make sure you grab your copy to see the full 7-page feature in all its glory; trust us, it’s WELL worth it!

Rota Wheels GT86/BRZ Wheel Fitment Guide

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A little slice of perfection

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What better way to start your Monday than with a super-clean Toyota AE86 sitting pretty on Rota’s 15in RKR? This awesome retro-style wheel is available upto 15x9in in both 4×100 and 4×114. What’s more, we’ll be bringing a 17in version in 5×114 later this month too!


Monday morning Supra love…

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We’ve always got time for the Toyota Supra here at Rota Wheels. With monster arches that easily swallow 18in wheels and allow a staggered fitment as standard, it’s the perfect car for a wheel upgrade from Rota! Undoubtedly one of the most-popular is the Grid Drift, a super-clean 6-spoke design available from 15x7in right up to 19×10.5in! This example below runs our 18x9in and 18x10in setup for an aggressive yet useable staggered setup – what do you think?


Rota RM100 – Classic looks with modern fitments at an affordable price!

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Over the years Rota has built up a huge wheel range focused towards the Japanese style and fitment, but in 2013 an entirely new wheel design has been produced specifically for those VW and Euro markets – the 18in Rota RM100.

Inspired by the classic ‘turbofan’ wheels of the 80s, Rota has applied a modern twist to the RM100 which features both a dished construction and concave centre section for a truly unique look and fitment. Put simply, the RM100 combines all the best design aspects of a super-cool Euro wheel backed with Rota’s superb value and quality. Read more…

TEASER: 18in Rota RM100

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We’re HUGELY excited to be launching one of the freshest wheel designs we’ve EVER made this month – the Rota RM100. In the last 12-months we’ve seen a huge amount of VW, Audi and BMW owners running our range of Japanese-style wheels so for 2013 Rota has developed a much more Euro-inspired wheel design to further expand our range…

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