Bagged Mk5 Golf x Rundfahren RM100

December 05, 2013 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Builds, Readers Rides

Launched earlier in 2013, the Rundfahren RM100 is one of the most-daring wheel designs ever produced from Rota. Targeted specifically towards the Euro market, the RM100 features a concave construction, turbofan-style outer fins and even a retro mesh centre! Subtle it is not, but where’s the fun in that?

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Factory Five 818S Sports Car

November 13, 2013 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Builds, Uncategorized

When you’re a major wheel manufacturer like Rota it’s not unusual to see many of your designs fitted to super-cool show cars at events. But despite producing wheels for just about every car make and model thinkable there’s always the odd exception as we found at SEMA 2013…


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Kenwood Beetle in June 2013 PVW magazine

May 23, 2013 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Builds, Readers Rides, Special Offers

We’ve seen a lot of Volkswagens running Rota wheels in the past few years, and one of our most-favourite builds is the Kenwood Electronics 2013 VW Beetle. Running our 19×9.5in ET20 (front) and 19×10.5in ET20 (rear) Grid Drifts, this Beetle is stanced to perfection thanks to a full Airlift Performance suspension setup anda full IRS (independant rear suspension) conversion allowing the wheels to camber-in and tuck once lowered. Make sure you grab the June 2013 issue of Performance VW for a full 7-page feature on this super-cool car!


PREVIEW: Forge Motorsport Berg Cup Mk1 Golf

January 09, 2013 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Builds

Check out this teaser of the Forge Motorsport Mk1 Golf running our 15x8in Grid-V – how cool does this look? Built specifically to compete in the Berg Cup Hillclimb, Forge Motorsport has pulled out all the stops to build this stunning machine, and it’s going to be exclusively revealed at the Autosport Show 2013 taking place this weekend. We’ll bring you more pictures tomorrow!

Driftworks R32 – Release the evil!

November 21, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Builds, Readers Rides

It seems the guys over at Driftworks are absolutley loving the new Rota MXR, and it’s not hard to see why given how good they look on just about anything! The ‘back up’ R32 drift car has always been overshadowed by its big brother, the Driftworks S15, but with that now sold it’s time for this Toyota-powered monster to shine once again! Check out what Phil Morrison had to say about getting this monster back on the road.

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Random snap: JayMac’s Mk1 Golf x Rota Grid-V

July 30, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Builds

How good does this look already? JayMac, co-founder of Players Show (and builder of some pretty special VWs) unveiled his latest project this weekend – a super-clean Mk1 Golf running on 15in Rota Grid-Vs. We’ll bring you some more images and info later today, but we cannot wait to see this finished and sitting pretty!

Random snap: GT Garage JZX100

June 11, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Builds

If you’re a Japanese car fan in the UK, the name GT Garage should already ring a bell. Owner Alex Khateeb is responsible for building (and importing) some of the wildest JDM cars the UK’s ever seen, including multiple Nissan S-Bodies, a p-port T51R-powered RX7 and his latest creation, this JZX 100 Chaser.

Unfortunately Alex is having to sell this monster before he gets a chance to enjoy it, but rest assured it’s being finished to the absolute highest spec – freshly rebuilt 2JZ complete with a huge Greddy T88 strapped to the side,  HKS F-con management, Midnight Purple re-spray and D-Max bodywork along with custom carbon addition amongst others. Oh, and it’s rollin’ on our new 19×10.5in Grid Drifts which look insanely good! Go check out the full spec on their page here:

Build: Reflex Auto Design VW Caddy 2K

November 10, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Builds

We absolutely LOVE seeing unusual car choices running Rota wheels, and this Caddy 2K from Reflex Auto Design is easily one of the best we’ve ever seen! With a Mk6 GTI front end, R32 exhaust system and finished in a bright pastel blue it looks totally fresh decked over a set of 18in Rota Grid Drifts in VAG fitment. Combine that with an equally-impressive matching trimmed interior along with plenty of practical space in the back and you’ve got one of the best daily’s ever. Love it!

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BUILDS: Swedish RB26-powered S13

September 22, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Builds

Earlier in the week we showed you a little snap of a brown PS13 running an RB26 and sitting pretty on our Rota GTR-Ds. After a little searching over on, we managed to dig up a ‘little’ project thread, and it’s even more awesome than we first thought! Bought back in 2006, this S13 first ran a CA18DET producing a fairly healthy 350bhp. Then as most projects go, the quest for power began, so an RB25 transmission + Rb26 engine were sourced and the transformation began. Check out the full build thread here, or click through to admire a seriously cool build (not to mention three sets of different Rotas throughout the build!!)

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BUILDS: Tom’s awesome FD3S on 17in Grids

June 28, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Builds

We’ve got ALOT of love for the FD3S RX7 here at Rota. It’s one of the best-looking and most-unique sports cars Japan has ever produced, and even 19 years since it’s launch there’s still plenty of enthusiasts out there doing some seriously impressive things with ‘em!  One we’re particularly fond of is Driftworks member Thomas_Mk6 who is currently building one of the wildest Rexs in the UK – all by himself in his garage. Check out the full build below…

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