UK-built widebody S13

June 01, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Builds

This is one of the most-awesome S13s we’ve seen for a LONG time, and probably the best thing about it is the bodywork – it’s all been custom hand-made in the UK, no off-the-shelf parts just a lot of time and a serious amount of skill! Owner Wayne Huffer is seriously talented and you may have recognised it on Banzai magazine a few years back when it was white. Well now it’s nearly finished fully, and it truly is outstanding. Big thanks to Graham ‘Bolf’ Beatty for the awesome snaps.

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Trackculture V10 E46 M3

May 31, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Builds

For those who don’t already know, is the sub-division of Driftworks deddicated to (if you’ve not already guessed it…) track culture! Owner Phil Morrison has been building an E60 M5 V10-powered E46 M3 which was previously featured on the Rota blog and now it’s pretty much finished and looking amazing. We can’t think of a more perfect combination – 500+ naturally aspirated horses in one of the most-sorted chassis ever made. Less talking, more pics!

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Builds: Peripheral Ported FC3s RX7

May 06, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Builds

Who doesn’t love a build thread? has some of the world’s best drift projects, and one really standing out for us is Scooby J’s awesome peripheral ported FC3S RX7. Bought completely standard bar an exhaust, the custom fabrication work done by Scooby J is just immense – from building and porting the engine to the full exhaust system, manifolds and intake. Oh and then there’s the 2in wider front cutaway wings which look immense!

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Ryan Stewart’s E39 M5 on Grids

March 09, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Builds, Readers Rides

Words can’t express how tough this car looks. When Ryan Stewart called us up and told us he was chopping in his INSANE 550bhp R32T-powered Mk4 Golf 4-Motion for something new, we didn’t quite know what to expect. So with the crazy Zombie Outlaw Mk4 sold an E39 M5 was purchased within days. “I’m not modifying it.” He said. “The car’s perfect as it is.” Yeah, right. We thought. “I might lower it a bit, but other than that it’ll stay stock.” Two weeks went past and then the phone rang. “I’d like to order some Rota Grid wheels. The widest ones you have please. 18x10s? Yes, they’ll be great.” And so that’s how it happened. And this is the result. The verdict? Well we’ll leave that up to you to decide, but we think it’s the absolute nuts. Well done Ryan, we here at Rota Wheels salute you!

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Build: Phil Morrison’s AE86 Trueno on Grid Vs

February 28, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Builds

When he’s not tinkering with the 700bhp 2JZ-powered S15 or V10-powered E46 M3, Driftworks bossman Phil Morrison has another little RWD project, an AE86 Trueno Toyota Corolla. Phil bought the car just as a little bit of fun, but after a few weeks of abuse (and a low compression reading later!) it wasn’t long before the Corolla was being stripped back, welded and rebuilt better than before.

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Builds: Widebody E30 on Rota RB-X

February 09, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Builds, Uncategorized

Here’s something completely different for the Rota blog – an E30 BMW with a steel widebody rolling on Rota RBRs! This awesome build is taking place over on the website by user Kingcruizer and there’s a serious amount of cool little touches to it – check out the German/UK flags airbrushed under the bonnet, quality!

Under the bonnet it’s packing a 2.7-litre supercharged M20 – this thing must absolutely scream under load! The RB-Xs this particular E30 is running are the super-aggressive 17×9.5in ET minus 19… hence the wide arches!

Make sure you go visit the full build thread here: you’ll need to register, but it’s an awesome read with nearly all the work being done in-house. Massive respect and cannot wait to see this finished!

Rota sponsored: Driftworks S15

February 01, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Builds, Drifting

Here at Rota, we’re proud to sponsor so many of the UK’s competing Drift cars including one of the most extreme competing – the Driftworks Nissan S15. Originally built back in 2007, the Driftworks S15 has been through multiple exterior ‘tweaks’ but it’s latest guise as used throughout 2010 is without doubt the most evil – black on black utilising a set of monster 18x12in Rota GTR-Ds!

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Builds: 1982 E21 BMW x Rota Grid V

November 22, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Builds

When Matt Jone @ Practical Classics needed a set of lightweight track wheels for his BMW E21 fast road/track project, the latest limited-edition 15x8in Rota Grid V turned out to be the perfect choice. Rota caught up with Matt to find out what’s happening…

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Builds: Rarerims Bee*R R32 GTS-T

October 14, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Builds

You’re looking at a Bee*R-kitted R32 GTS-T. But this isn’t the typical R34-conversion kit, this is an old-school Mk1 Bee*R full wide-arch┬ákit, rarer than rare and properly retro don’t you think?

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