NEW FOR 2014: 17×7.5in ET35 Rota Titan (4×100 fitment)

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In recent years Rota Wheels UK has become renowned for its wide range of aggressive-fitment designs, however for those in need of a lightweight, OEM wheel upgrade Rota has an equally impressive line up…


In 2014 Rota is proud to add another classic design to the lightweighr range – the 17×7.5in Rota Titan. Featuring a 4×100 fitment the Rota Titan is a perfect addition for models including the Civic EK, new Mini and Toyota Corolla. The ET35 offset also allows a strong, useable fitment without altering the arches – perfect for those who want a fast road car without compromising the drivability or comfort. Read more…

NEW FINISH ALERT! 15in Grid-V in flat black

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What’s that, another super-cool finish from Rota Wheels UK? You better believe it! Our 15in Grid-V has been a huge success over the past two years, and in 2014 we’re expanding it even further with another new finish to freshen up your motor. Available in a 15x7in ET20 size with a 4×100 fitment this is the perfect addition to popular models including the Civic EK, Mazda MX5 and even the VW Polo. Want to get one of the first sets in the UK? Get yours ordered at the following link:


16x8in Rota D154 – 4×100 (ET20/ET30), 4×108 (ET20) and 5×100 (ET30)

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New for 2014, Rota Wheels UK is hugely excited to launch the D154, a retro-style design available in an aggressive 16x8in ET20 and ET30 fitment. Taking inspiration from the classic ‘turbofan’ wheels of the 80s, Rota has applied a modern twist to the D154 mixing a concave centre along with a vented lip for a truly unique look!

d154low Read more…

Rota RM100 wins Fast Car magazine ‘All-round Awesomeness Award’

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Back in July 2013 we unveiled one of our most-daring wheel designs ever, the 18in Rundfahren RM100. This Euro-inspired wheel is unlike anything else we’ve ever produced featuring a concave construction, turbofan-style outer fins and even a retro mesh centre section. It’s caused a serious amount of positive discussion over on the Rota Facebook Page, and we’re hugely proud to be awarded the ‘All-round Awesomeness Award’ in this month’s Fast Car magazine!


‘Not only does the RM100 mark their invasion of the Euro market, but it takes everything they know about putting out super-girthy wheels with aggressive offsets on Japanese motors, and applies it to those from the Fatherland’ explains Fast Car editor Jules Truss. ‘This design is one that will go straight into the history books.’ Read more…

Rota Wheels OS Mesh – 15x8in ET0 (4×100 fitment only)

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With Christmas just around the corner there’s never been a better time to treat your motor to a fresh set of wheels! New for November, the OS Mesh is another retro-styled design from Rota wheels. Available only in 15x8in with an ET0 offset this is a seriously aggressive wheel guaranteed to transform the overall looks of your car. Due to the aggressive fitment, arch modifications/camber adjustment may be necessary (depending on car).

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Honda Civic Wheel Fitment Guide

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There’s no denying Rota Wheels are HUGELY popular in the Japanese tuning scene! Since 2003 we’ve stocked a wide range of fitments and sizes to suit just about every model available including the Honda Civic. From the classic EF9 to the sporty FN2 Type-R there’s a Civic model out there for all your needs. But with so many modified examples and plenty of upgrades available, just what size wheels should you fit to your car? This all depends on what look you’re after or how you intend to use the car, but to give you a rough idea of what Rota can offer, check out our full Civic fitment guide!

Honda-Civic-EP2-07 Read more…


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STOP THE PRESS! Fresh in from Rota Wheels UK, check out the all-new 18in Rota MC3! This super-cool wheel design is perfect for later-model VAG cars thanks to its huge brake clearance and high offset (ET45 pictured). It looks properly awesome finished in golf with a polished lip, doesn’t it? Let us know what 18in fitments you’d like to see by contacting us at!


New for 2013: Rota RKR 17×8.5in and 17×9.5in 5×114

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Retro cool with a serious offset! The all-new 17in Rota RKR is the perfect wheel for those who want to seriously upgrade their car’s stance without breaking the bank. Available in both 17×8.5in and 17×9.5in (with a crazy -10 offset!) it goes without saying that additional arch modifications and/or camber adjustment will be necessary depending on car. Once fitted though you can guarantee they’ll look insane!


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NOW IN STOCK! 18in Rundfahren RM100

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We’ve teased you for long enough – the Rundfahren RM100 is finally here and ready to order! Specifically designed with Euro cars in mind, the 18in RM100 comes in multiple sizes and fitments including 18x9in (ET40, 18×9.5in (ET45) and 18×9.5in (ET23) for those who require a more aggressive fitment. We’ve got both 5×112 (VAG) and 5×100 (BMW) fitments in stock with silver and bronze finishes available – get your set ordered before it’s too late!


17x9in Rota Torque now available in BMW (5×120) fitment

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One of our most-popular wheel designs in recent years has been the Rota Torque; a split 5-spoke design with a concave construction suitable for Japanese-model cars including the Nissan S14 and Mazda RX7. Over the past 12-months Rota has been inundated with requests from non-Japanese models for these wheels, and in 2013 is hugely excited to launch the 17x9in Torque in a BMW-friendly 5×120 fitment!


Perfectly suited for models including the hugely popular E36 3-series, Rota has designed the BMW-fitment Torque with an ET35 offset providing an aggressive and flush fitment (depending on tyre size). The Torque’s concave spoke design also easily clears the standard brakes and its 9in width allows some proper rubber to be used for maximum grip. Read more…