Builds: Rarerims Bee*R R32 GTS-T

October 14, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Builds

You’re looking at a Bee*R-kitted R32 GTS-T. But this isn’t the typical R34-conversion kit, this is an old-school Mk1 Bee*R full wide-arch kit, rarer than rare and properly retro don’t you think?

Currently being built by Alex Khateeb @ Special K, the R32 still runs the original RB20DET lump with a few extra goodies, but the main focus is going on the exterior. Showcasing the monster 18×12-inch Rota GTR-Ds, the Bee*R kit absolutely swallows ‘em up and will need a cheeky bit of spacing on the rear for the ultimate stance!

Check back for part 2 once the beast gets some colour painted…

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