Rota sponsored: Driftworks S15

February 01, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Builds, Drifting

Here at Rota, we’re proud to sponsor so many of the UK’s competing Drift cars including one of the most extreme competing – the Driftworks Nissan S15. Originally built back in 2007, the Driftworks S15 has been through multiple exterior ‘tweaks’ but it’s latest guise as used throughout 2010 is without doubt the most evil – black on black utilising a set of monster 18x12in Rota GTR-Ds!

Up front is a 2JZ-GTE from a Toyota Supra running forged Mahle pistons and a monster Borg Warner S300X good for well over 700bhp! When first built, Phil and the rest of driftworks had the 6-cylinder lump moved as far back into the bulkhead as possible to give an awesome weight distribution.

Make sure you head over to Driftworks to check out the 39-page build thread here: with the engine refreshed and even more power we can’t wait to see Phil and the S15 back in action… hopefully for some serious backwards entries!!

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