UK-built widebody S13

June 01, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Builds

This is one of the most-awesome S13s we’ve seen for a LONG time, and probably the best thing about it is the bodywork – it’s all been custom hand-made in the UK, no off-the-shelf parts just a lot of time and a serious amount of skill! Owner Wayne Huffer is seriously talented and you may have recognised it on Banzai magazine a few years back when it was white. Well now it’s nearly finished fully, and it truly is outstanding. Big thanks to Graham ‘Bolf’ Beatty for the awesome snaps.

‘Went to see my pal Wayne today to get a quote on some work on my e38 , he just happened to show me the progress on this rather special s13 , there has been hours of work gone into this and some seriously special ideas used to create an individual s13. The only real s13 parts used are the shell , the fuel tank and the obvious things like glass , lights , bonnet etc.

S14 dash , sr20 conversion , smoothed bay , hand made (panel beaten arches in metal) bodykit , stubby rear end , s15 nur spec exhaust made to fit , functional front bumper scoops , hidden MAF sensor , tucked wiring etc , the list goes on and I can’t possibly remember all the little details in one sitting.

She’s pretty much complete now apart from MOT and mapping courtesy of | Engine Tuning Services , in redditch!!!

Video coming soon. More pics on my FB album here , Facebook

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