BUILDS: Tom’s awesome FD3S on 17in Grids

June 28, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Builds

We’ve got ALOT of love for the FD3S RX7 here at Rota. It’s one of the best-looking and most-unique sports cars Japan has ever produced, and even 19 years since it’s launch there’s still plenty of enthusiasts out there doing some seriously impressive things with ‘em!  One we’re particularly fond of is Driftworks member Thomas_Mk6 who is currently building one of the wildest Rexs in the UK – all by himself in his garage. Check out the full build below…

‘bought myself a new fd a while ago but i havnt really started a project thread on here yet

got her for a bit of a steal with a few problems. started working my way through when i got her home just to get it up and running again. but i was soon to discover a few majors i hadnt expected plus there was a crack in the chassis at the front!. so after a little while scratching my head out came the angle grinder and the welder

plans for the car are just have some fun really, i love building as much as driving so i am in no rush, i am trying to do as much myself as possible so progress is slow

home made solid mounts

front end gone

manual rack made

new front progress

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