Rota loves: Paul Moran’s VW Caddy

August 22, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Euro

We’ve seen ALOT of awesome VWs on Rota Grids lately, but for sheer practical awesomeness this VW Caddy belonging to Paul Moran @ Autoalloys wins hands down on the Rota ‘cool-o-meter’. Lowered within an inch of its life (the way it should be) Paul’s gone for some gunmetal-coloured Grids stanced to perfection within the Caddys arches – it’s no easy feet tucking 9.5s!

It’s a well sorted motor, and i’ve gotta admit the blue/gunmetal colour combo is a definite wonner. We need to see more of this sort of thing please! Make sure you keep posting all your cars running Rotas on our Facebook – we’ll be updating the galleries very soon.

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