Gallery: The cars of Rota’s Facebook Fans – Part 1!

January 09, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Readers Rides

We’re hugely stoked to have such an awesome Facebook page with over 7500 fans, and with so many of you guys running Rotas yourselves we decided it’d only be fair to deddicate a gallery to all those who’ve submitted their pics over on the page. We’ll be putting up another gallery soon so if your car’s not here don’t worry! And likewise if you haven’t submitted your car yet, make sure you do – we LOVE seeing all makes and models Rota-equipped!

DSLC Performance – Rota Force (Impreza)

Duane Brough, Rota Grid Drift (S14)

Street Racer Cup Civics – Rota Grid & Rota Subzero

Hans Frederik Bjarkøy – Audi S3 on Rota Grid

Jake Tucker – Rota Torque (VW Bora)

JDM Bits Mazda MX5 – Rota Zero

Lance Thompson, VW Jetta Rota K7

Luis Ceja, Rota Grid (Honda Civic)

Luke Carley, Rota Torque (Toyota Corolla)

Luke Turner, Rota Grid V (Fiat Punto)

Matt Kerr, Rota Grid (Nissan S15)

Nick Turner, Rota Grid (VW Golf Mk4)

Ray Russell, Rota Zero (VW Polo)

Richard Clarke, Rota Grid Drift (Nissan S13)

Richard Warnock, Rota Force (Mitsubishi Evo 9)

Russell Davis, Rota GTR (Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T)

Sam Wood, Rota Grid V (Mazda MX5)

Team Pony Drift Ford Mustang, Rota GRA

Yoan Kuduro, Rota GT3 (Honda Prelude)

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