Rota Wheels UK – Toyota GT86 & Subaru BRZ wheel options

September 13, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Special Offers

One of the most-exciting cars to be launched in 2012 is the collaboration between Toyota and Subaru, the GT86/BRZ sports coupe. With a front engine, rear-wheel-drive layout and a 2.0-litre engine it’s already proving to be a huge hit with tuners worldwide, and as such Rota Wheels UK has a wide range of lightweight wheels perfect for improving the looks and drivability.

In standard trim the GT86/BRZ features 17x7in wheels with an ET48 offset – a seriously weak setup which leaves plenty of arch clearance for wider and more-aggressive wheels. What’s more, at just over 9.5kg a corner they’re hardly what you’d call lightweight, especially given the car only weighs 1200kg!

As a result Rota Wheels UK has shortlisted a range of wheel designs perfect for the GT86/BRZ chassis. With each setup test fitted to ensure clearance there’s a wide range to suit all owners including the 17×7.5in ET48 GRA (for a simple factory upgrade) right through to our 18×9.5in ET38 Grid Drift (for those looking for an aggressive stance and fitment). Those wheels include:

Rota Grid – 17×7.5in ET45
Rota Fighter – 17x9in ET42 & ET50 , 17x8in ET48
Rota GRA – 17×7.5in ET48
Rota Blitz – 17x8in ET35
Rota Grid Drift – 18×8.5in ET44, 18×9.5in ET38
Rota Force Drift – 18×8.5in ET48, 18x9in ET35
Rota Force – 17x8in ET35

Full images of each wheel fitted can be found below:

In addition to these, Rota Wheels stock many more compatible wheels in the 5×100 fitment along with a selection of finishes including bronze, white, gold and black. For more information or a complete list of all Rota wheels, please visit or e-mail

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