Amuse-kitted S2000 for sale

February 13, 2013 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Readers Rides

Powerhouse Amuse in Japan produce quite possible the best-looking S2000 bodykit money can buy right now. For such a crazy kit which just about replaces every single panel of the car, it’s look at fitment is spot-on, resembling more of a JGTC racing S2000 now rather than the standard convertible!


This particular example you see here belongs to Alex, and it’s currently up for sale for £10,995 – a bit of a bargain when you consider it’s a 2004 model with just 50K on the clock and the bodykit/fitting/painting equaits to nearly the full asking price! Alex has finished the car off with a set of 18in Rota Fighters finished in silver which do a great job of filling out the super-wide arches. Check out the full advert over on Pistonheads here:–51-000-miles-3-months-mot-tax-fsh/1070192

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