Newsletter: Ford-fitment wheels from Rota

May 21, 2013 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Special Offers

Rota is massively proud to boast one of the widest range of wheel fitments of any manufacturer, now catering for all Japanese models as well as VW, Audi and BMW. In the past 12 months Rota has paid particular attention towards the Ford 5×108/4×108 fitment, and in 2013 we’re hugely excited to launch a range of super-cool wheel designs to suit models such as the Fiesta ST and Focus RS.

med_GTR Focus GM

19x9in GTR - Designed specifically for Focus RS and ST models, the 19x9in GTR is a perfect wheel upgrade from stock thanks to its ET42 offset. This gives an aggressive fitment without the need for arch modifications.

19×9 5×108 ET42 Gunmetal
19×9 5×108 ET42 Steel Grey
19×9 5×108 ET42 Flat Black
19×9 5×108 ET42 White


18in Grid (5×108) - A serious wheel for those who want a killer stance! The Rota Grid comes in either 18×8.5in ET42 (for an OEM upgrade) or 18×9.5in ET35 (for a super-aggressive look).  Please check arch clearance before ordering.

18×8.5 5×108 ET42 Flat Black
18×8.5 5×108 ET42 Steel Grey
18×8.5 5×108 ET42 White
18×9.5 5×108 ET35 Steel Grey
18×9.5 5×108 ET35 Flat Black
18×9.5 5×108 ET35 White


15x7in & 15x8in Slipstream – A hugely popular choice for Honda/MX5 owners, the classic Rota Slipstream is now available in a 4×108 fitment suitable for Ford models including the Fiesta ST. Either a 15x7in ET40 or 15x8in ET25 size is available depending on required fitment.

15x7in 4×108 ET40 Flat Black
15x8in 4×108 ET25 Flat Black


15x7in Rota RB – Got an older-model Ford or simply want to add a retro vibe to your motor? The Rota RB is a super-cool wheel design now available in 15x7in ET30 with a 4×108 fitment. Both Gold and Gunmetal finishes are available (with a polished outer lip).

15x7in 4×108 ET30 Gunmetal with a polished outer lip


17in Rota Grid - In addition to the 18in model, Rota is pleased to offer a 17in version of the Grid in both 4×108 and 5×108 fitments. Both are available in multiple finishes and make a great upgrade for both Fiesta and Focus models as well as many more.

17×7.5in 4×108 ET45 Flat Black
17×7.5in 4×108 ET45 White
17x9in 5×108 ET42 Steel Grey
17x9in 5×108 ET42 White

med_Boost White

17x8in Boost - We’ve got just a few sets left of the awesome Rota Boost available in a 5×108 fitment. Measuring in at 17x8in with an ET48 offset, the Rota Boost makes for a great upgrade over the standard OEM wheels without the need for modification.

17x8in 5×108 ET48 White only

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