Factory Five 818S Sports Car

November 13, 2013 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Builds, Uncategorized

When you’re a major wheel manufacturer like Rota it’s not unusual to see many of your designs fitted to super-cool show cars at events. But despite producing wheels for just about every car make and model thinkable there’s always the odd exception as we found at SEMA 2013…


What you’re looking at here is an American kit car named the Factory Five 818S. Available to order either pre-built or a container full of parts, the 818S is a lightweight sports car designed purely to make driving fun. In fact, the 818 name actually references its total weight – 818kg!


Running our 17in Titan the Factory Five 818S looks properly sleek with bespoke composite bodypanels and a CAD-designed chassis reminiscent of something much more expensive. The whole kit can be picked up for under $10k, and Factory Five President Dave Smith is confident the complete car price will be under $15k!


What do you think? Bespoke kit cars don’t usually get us excited, but Factory Five has created something genuinely exciting here with a little help from the Rota Titan! Check out more information over at www.factoryfive.com

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