Honda Civic Wheel Fitment Guide

November 22, 2013 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Special Offers

There’s no denying Rota Wheels are HUGELY popular in the Japanese tuning scene! Since 2003 we’ve stocked a wide range of fitments and sizes to suit just about every model available including the Honda Civic. From the classic EF9 to the sporty FN2 Type-R there’s a Civic model out there for all your needs. But with so many modified examples and plenty of upgrades available, just what size wheels should you fit to your car? This all depends on what look you’re after or how you intend to use the car, but to give you a rough idea of what Rota can offer, check out our full Civic fitment guide!


15/16in ‘OEM’ fitments

For owners wanting a more subtle wheel upgrade Rota has a wide range of high-offset, 15in & 16in designs perfectly suited for models ranging from the EE (1987) right through to the EM1 (2001). If you are unsure of what size to choose, please contact Rota Wheels before ordering.



15/16in ‘aggressive’ fitments

Part of why Rota Wheels are so popular is the sheer variety of sizes and fitments available! For Civic owners wanting a more aggressive fitment, Rota is proud to offer a range of 15in & 16in designs featuring super-low offsets (down to ET0!) as well as rim widths upto 9in. It goes without say that camber, arch rolling and/or smaller tyres will be needed to fit certain designs. Please contact Rota beforehand if you are unsure on fitments.



17/18in fitments (EP & FN models)

With newer Civic models capable of running larger wheels, Rota has a range of 17in and 18in designs perfectly suited to fill the standard arches without modification. For owners wanting a more aggressive fitment, Rota offers several designs (including the Grid) in a 17x9in ET25. Please note: arch, tyre and camber modifications may be necessary for fitment.


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