Bagged Mk5 Golf x Rundfahren RM100

December 05, 2013 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Builds, Readers Rides

Launched earlier in 2013, the Rundfahren RM100 is one of the most-daring wheel designs ever produced from Rota. Targeted specifically towards the Euro market, the RM100 features a concave construction, turbofan-style outer fins and even a retro mesh centre! Subtle it is not, but where’s the fun in that?

Available in both 18x9in and 18×9.5in the RM100 is a perfect upgrade for VW Golf owners, and one of the best examples we’ve seen so far is Michelle G’s MK5 over in the USA pictured here. Running airbag suspension and 215/40/18 tyres all round, Michelle’s MK5 looks properly mental both on the move and slammed!

Aside from the 215 tyres on 18x9in wheels, no other arch modification has been necessary to fit the RM100s thanks to the +40 offset. The sports bronze finish looks perfect against the factory black bodywork, almost giving a hint of some classic JPS livery!

Thanks to Ryan @ for the stunning photos – check out the full feature over on Wheeldude here:

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