18in Rundfahren RM200 – new gunmetal finish

February 19, 2014 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Uncategorized

It’s safe to say the ‘Rundfahren’ range of Rota Wheels is definitely causing a stir, and one of our latest designs (specifically designed for Euro cars) is even wilder than the first! The Rundfahren RM200 features a smooth concave centre matched with a classic turbo fan-inspired outer lip for a properly unique look! Sizes available including 18x9in 5×120 (ET40) and 18×9.5in 5×100 (ET23). We’ve just introduced a new gunmetal finish (below) to sit alongside the classic white also available. Check out full details here: http://rarerims.co.uk/wheelshop_products.asp?productid=76&rangeid=11&product=RM200


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